Get a bigger, thicker glans with
Avanti Derma’s penile glans enhancement*

Enlargement of the penis head is accomplished with the use of hyaluronic acid
micro-drops, a safe, temporary solution.

Glans Enhancement: How is it performed?

This procedure is designed to be used in conjunction with the phalloplasty procedure, to create a better proportion between a larger penis and a slightly larger glans. To do this, hyaluronic acid micro-drops are gently injected around the corona of the glans, creating a natural “flare” and taper from the penis head to the penis body. The results are natural, but:

  • Moderate due to the limited thickness of the mucous membrane that covers the glans, and
  • Temporary since HA is a bio-degradable product.

Our protocol is very safe and effective. Hundreds of men today are enjoying a bigger, thicker glans, thanks to Avanti Derma Glans Enhancement procedure. It provides a very natural enhancement that is meant to be congruent with the gains of phalloplasty.

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Penis Glans Enhancement - Avanti Derma Tijuana

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March 24, 2020.


In adherence to the ordinance from the State of Baja California and the City of Tijuana, Avanti Derma is temporarily closed to help with the control of the spread of COVID-19.

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