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Glans Enhancement

Get a bigger, thicker glans with
Avanti Derma’s penile glans enhancement

Glans Enhancement: How is it performed?

This procedure is designed to be used in conjunction with the phalloplasty procedure, to create a better proportion between a larger penis and a slightly larger glans. To do this, hyaluronic acid micro-drops are gently injected around the corona of the glans, creating a natural “flare” and taper from the penis head to the penis body. The results are natural, but:

  • Moderate due to the limited thickness of the mucous membrane that covers the glans, and
  • Temporary since HA is a bio-degradable product.

Our protocol is very safe and effective. Hundreds of men today are enjoying a bigger, thicker glans, thanks to Avanti Derma Glans Enhancement procedure. It provides a very natural enhancement that is meant to be congruent with the gains of phalloplasty.

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If you would like to have a thicker, larger glans*, contact Avanti Derma today for more information.

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