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“Happy New Year Avanti Derma”: Letter from a satisfied patient.

I am writing to wish the Avanti Derma Team a Happy New Year, and to express my sincere Appreciation, Gratitude, and Respect to Dr. Luis Casavantes, Dr. Palmira Morales, Mr.Ian Garcia, and the entire Avanti Derma Team.

As I thought about Years past, and Years ahead this evening, I realized how satisfied I am with the results of the PMMA Girth Enhancement procedures I’ve had in recent years with Dr. Morales.

Prior to having the Girth Enhancement procedures, numerous aspects of my Life including: Confidence Level, Mental Wellness, Emotional Happiness and Satisfaction, Perceived Social Rank, Self Esteem, Physical Attractiveness, and Ability to Behave as an Alpha Male, to name a few, were limited to a level that was consistent with the size of my flaccid penis relative to the size of penis’ seen in Mainstream Media, and the size of penis’ that I thought woman I dated might have had experience with in the past.

Before my Girth Enhancement, I would say that I felt as if I ranked about 4.5 of 10 in the categories above. After my Girth Enhancement, I feel as if I rank about 9 of 10 in the categories above.

Thank You very much Dr. Casavantes for discovering and combining the Knowledge, Intelligence, Discipline, Vision, Courage, Strength, and so many other Talents to make this miraculous Cosmetic Procedure available to the World!

The other Professionals that make up the Avanti Derma Team are truly excellent, as well. Dr. Palmira Morales Brilliance and Talent are Fantastic and Phenomena.

Mr. Ian Garcia performs his work Flawlessly, and has made me feel very Comfortable each time I have been to Avanti Derma. In Summary, You are the Best!

When I think of my visits to Avanti Derma, your Facilities seem Heavenly, like they are located in a Cloud where Angels fix the imperfections of the World.

So again, Thank You so much, keep up the Great work.


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