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My journey as a penile enhancement witness

I remember when I first started working at Avanti Derma; five or some years ago… well, actually before I started working here. Yes, I remember when I found out what my possible new job would be.

While I was scrolling through my news feed, I came across this job opportunity. They were looking for a medical assistant; there were no details whatsoever, but I pulled the trigger and contacted them anyway. It wasn’t until I was interviewed that I learned about something I believed to be ludicrous: something called Phalloplasty. I have changed my mind since then.

The first interview went well (obviously).

So as soon as I got home, I looked for videos about Phalloplasty. By the way, if you are interested in getting your penis enhanced, I strongly advise that you avoid so. Google presented me with the most gruesome images.

I got a call back for a second interview. Dr. C showed me a video of one of his performances. I was relieved that his procedures were non-invasive and totally different from the videos I had previously seen.

I became the new assistant for Avanti Derma. Soon enough, I learned about Phalloplasty with soft tissue fillers and understood the needs of the Doctors and the patients, which earned me the confidence to be the one in charge of the aftercare protocol, job that I have been performing for 5 years. Time in which I have witnessed the life-changing game that Dr. Casavantes and Dr. Morales play in the story of a couple hundreds of men, and I’m being very modest with the numbers.

Working at AD has allowed me to understand the importance that size imposes among men and how this procedure empowers and helps regain the confidence somehow lost along the path of their lives.

Five years have passed by, and I’ve seen and lived a lot while collaborating with AD. Great and bad outcomes, nice and no so-nice patients, easy and challenging procedure so, I think it is all right that I tell you about two stories of 2 different guys with entirely different experiences: a positive one and another not so positive.

Let’s start with the unpleasant one; this comes from my very first year as the aftercare guy. This particular patient was on the heavyweight side; his penis was buried under a notorious fat pad, indicating a challenge for us. During the procedure, he was anxious and made us stop working a couple of times until he felt relaxed enough to move on. Once we were finished, I proceeded to instruct him on his aftercare; I felt like he wasn’t paying attention to the protocol, so I told him that I wanted to see him the next day, too, so we could go through the indications once more. The very next day, while I was instructing and performing the aftercare, I got bombarded with a lot of personal questions by this guy, questions I didn’t have to answer, but I did anyway to make him feel comfortable, little did I know that every word regarding my personal life that came out of my mouth was going to be used as an excuse to accuse me of bad service. He ended up neglecting his aftercare, the retraction was his biggest enemy, and the lack of massaging didn’t help; his outcome wasn’t as he expected, and then he phoned DrC personally to complain about me and how I “screw up” his junk (as he textually said). I remember this as my worst experience because, of course, I was contacted by the doctors on a Friday night after work with an emergency tone in their voices; they explained to me what happened, and when I disclosed my version of the story, it took them little time to figure out what happened and understood my side because I guess they’ve been there before. Luckily for me, these experiences are not so repetitive, even though we get unpleasant people from time to time.

Now, let’s move to the positive story, one of my favorites, I dare to say. This guy was all fun and had good vibes from the beginning. He presented himself, was very informed about the procedure, and asked everything to confirm the information he already had. He kept chatting during the enhancement process, so the procedure was straightforward, and we finished without any issues. He watched and paid attention to the aftercare instructions; he also asked personal questions, but the tone of these questions was friendly, and I felt like he wanted to get to know more about us as people rather than just seeing me as a service person. His outcome is one of the best I’ve ever seen, he has an above-average length and minimal retraction, so these factors were very favorable for him. On the last day of his visit, we went through the aftercare once more to make sure he understood everything, and he did. When we were finished, he thanked me, and to my surprise, I also got a tip (the first guy who tipped me, and I was so happy about it). This guy returned for 3 more sessions, including his touch up and I remember him as the best patient we have ever had.

Now, with my experience working here, the best advice I can give to anyone interested in this procedure is to search as much information as they can, to have realistic goals and expectations:

1. Understand the criteria for the ideal candidate. If one candidate doesn’t fit one or more of the requirements, he must understand that the result might not be as good as expected.

2. Commit to the aftercare protocol and take this seriously because 50% of the results depend on the aftercare protocol’s performance by the patient.

3. Don’t be greedy. Yes, we can help you to get bigger but, how big is big enough?

Now, if you think you are ready for a significant change in your life, contact us and get a closer look at the work we do here.

Ian @ Avanti Derma

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