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Nonsurgical Phalloplasty: A 3-DickmensionalĀ šŸ˜† Sample of Its Potential

For more than 15 years, Avanti Derma has been providing happiness for men, one inch at a time.

Through all of our history as pioneers of modern penile enhancement, the three most frequent questions asked by guys interested in phalloplasty are:

  1. Is this procedure safe?
  2. How much am I going to grow?
  3. Can I see before and after pictures?

The safety of a procedure is not visible or tangible. However, our extensive (as you aspire to be) database of successful cases backs up our statement that this is a safe procedure.

Now that you feel more confident about safety, you may wonder: OK, but does this actually work?

To prove that our girth enhancement services are safe and authentic, we had the fortune to have a skilled patient in materials engineering. He had the initiative to mold his erect penis before and after his nonsurgical PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) phalloplasty procedure with us.

In this image you can see the before and after castings of his very successful results after only one session of nonsurgical phalloplasty with PMMA.

At Avanti Derma, our general recommendation is always 2 complete sessions; as expected, this patient returned for his second round looking to reach his personal goal of a thicker penile shaft.

Figure 2 shows an increase of a little more than Ā½ inch, which is enough for most patients.

The two procedures were performed 3 months apart; in between his two first sessions, the patient found the means to register his progress in a very educational way, so others learn from his positive experience.

But hey, is this the only example of the success we have? Of course not. You can look to our gallery, where you can find many before and after pictures of a large volume of successful cases.

If you are interested in taking a look at our B&A Gallery, please ask for our electronic brochure. You will find the link for our gallery and see the different options we offer for Nonsurgical Phalloplasty:

Hyaluronic acidĀ (JuvedermĀ® Voluxā„¢), the newest temporary and reversible on-demand product that can last around one year,
PCLĀ (EllansĆ©Ā®), a slowly absorbable product that gives a firmer implant and comes in three versions: S that lasts one year, M two years, and L three years.
PMMAĀ (Linnea Avantiā„¢) a non-absorbable product that also gives a firmer implant and lasts for life.

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