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Nonsurgical Phalloplasty: PMMA (Linnea Safe™) or PCL (Ellansé®)?

Although most prospective phalloplasty patients have a clear idea about the product that they want to use, for others, the decision is difficult to make.

The two products are made with solid microspheres of similar size and concentration, suspended in the same carrier, an absorbable hydrogel known as carboxymethylcellulose. The two products offer similar clinical results to the point that it is impossible to differentiate one from another.

The only difference is that PMMA microspheres (Linnea Avanti™) are not metabolized by the body, while PCL (Ellansé®) microspheres are slowly dissolved and absorbed. PMMA is permanent, and PCL has a minimum duration of one, two, or three years, depending on its variety.

In my opinion and medical experience, both products are safe and effective, both have pros and cons, and the final decision navigates a gray field with imprecise barriers. The guidelines that I use are based on the anticipation of complications (mainly psychological) in the long term.

I recommend permanent PMMA to the following types of patients:

  • Over 30 years old.
  • Regardless of their age, patients who have a firm and well-informed decision to have a permanent body modification.
  • Good knowledge of the mechanism of action and other characteristics of the different soft tissue fillers.

On the other hand, the following are the main reasons why I recommend a non-permanent product like PCL:

  • Younger patients who may be making a decision lightly.
  • Ignorance of the procedure or of the soft tissue fillers.
  • Undecided, doubtful patients, fearful of the procedure or its possible results.
  • Well informed patients who are convinced that the product they want offers temporary results.

The following table shows the differences between the two products:



Linnea Avanti™ (México)
Linnea Safe™ (Brazil and other countries)



Laboratório Lebon
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Sinclair Pharma
London, England

Active ingredient



Physical characteristics

40µ Microspheres

25-50µ Microspheres

Microsphere concentration

2, 10 & 30%



Promotes collagen

Promotes collagen

Clinical results

Natural-feeling implant

Natural-feeling implant


Only through surgery




Ellansé S - 1 year
Ellansé M - 2 years
Ellansé L - 3 years
Ellansé E - 4 years

Available at
Avanti Derma™

Linnea Avanti™ 10%
Linnea Avanti™ 30%

Ellansé® S, M & L

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