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My journey as a penile enhancement witness

While I was scrolling through my news feed, I came across this job opportunity. They were looking for a medical assistant; there were no details whatsoever, but I pulled the trigger and contacted them anyway. It wasn’t until I was interviewed that I learned about something I believed to be ludicrous: something called Phalloplasty. I have changed my mind since then.

Phalloplasty with Linnea Avanti – Patient of the Week(28)

A caucasian, thirty-eight-year-old patient, circumcised, came to Avanti Derma™ for his second session of nonsurgical phalloplasty with PMMA permanent (Linnea Avanti®). He opted for Linnea Safe because it’s permanent results.

Gosh, I feel the PMMA, Doc!

Although most prospective phalloplasty patients have a clear idea about the product that they want to use, for others, the decision is difficult to make.