Phalloplasty: Non-Surgical Male Enhancement

Phalloplasty with Soft Tissue Fillers

Phalloplasty with soft tissue fillers is much more affordable than its surgical counterpart, and yes, girth matters for many fellows and their sexual partners.

Let’s relax… Non-surgical, in-office phalloplasty has gained momentum in the present millennium; we will review only those procedures that can be performed in the doctor’s office, without the need for general anesthesia, cuts, sutures or drains.

When someone thinks about enlarging his penis, it is likely that the first question is whether he will end up in the operating room to have his penis cut opened, filled up with a large piece of hard silicone, and be left with permanent scars… not quite so; we are not talking about boob jobs here. Many aggressive male enhancement surgical procedures used to increase the volume of the penis are outdated and falling into disuse.

So, let’s talk about male enhancement (phalloplasty) that is done with soft tissue fillers; nonintrusive procedures that can give permanent or temporary results, depending on the type of material used.

Male enhancement surgery is not really a surgical procedure when its done with soft tissue fillers. It takes a visit to your doctor’s office, and everything happens under local anesthesia with no need for sedation or twilight. A few injections and a couple of hours later, you are ready to go home with some soreness and  inflammation of the area, but able to go on with all your daily tasks. Well, almost all of them… your now enhanced toy will have to go on a short vacation.

Soft tissue fillers can be temporary or permanent; once deposited in the tissues, they all trigger the formation of collagen that in turn increases the volume of the injected area. It is essential to understand their basic differences to select the best option to suit your needs and personal conditions.

Temporary Soft Tissue Fillers: Three different products

  • A soft gel, known as hyaluronic acid, very popular among doctors and patients because it is good for minor facial repairs. However, this product is not ideal for penis enlargement because it lasts a short time and as it retains water, it often gives a spongy feeling to the penis. The most known filler in this group is Voluma™.
  • A more viscous gel, which contains microspheres of calcium that act as a nucleus where the own patient’s collagen deposits. The spheres dissolve over time, and their effect disappears along with the increase in volume they created. It forms a firmer and more stable, yet temporary implant. The brand name of this product is Radiesse™.
  • Another product with microspheres made of polyester that is known as PCL (Polycaprolactone). Its effect is similar to the previous one, and its brand name is Ellansé

Permanent Soft Tissue Fillers: Two different compounds

  • A viscous gel that is identical to the calcium and PCL products, but the spheres are made of a biocompatible plastic called PMMA. The human body does not have enzymes that degrade it, and the microspheres remain for life in the area in which they were injected. It creates a firm, permanent bio-implant. The most recognized trademarks for this product are Metacrill™ and Linnea Safe™.
  • Silicone oil, a product that has to be used very carefully and only under the hands of experts and with special techniques. When used in high doses, this product can have severe consequences. Male enhancement with silicone oil should be minimal if the product is used correctly. When used incorrectly (large volume) the area can be increased to monstrous sizes; migration and other consequences are common complications in these cases. The most known brands of this product are Silikon 1000™ and Silskin

Non-surgical dick enlargement can be a fair and efficient procedure when the doctor and the patient are in synchrony, and both understand that the modification of the penis has a limit. Play safe, guys… bigger is not always healthy.
Last but not least, what’s the cost of phalloplasty? How much would you pay for a bigger penis? Does girth matter?.

Phalloplasty with soft tissue fillers is much more affordable than its surgical counterpart, and yes, girth matters for many fellows and their sexual partners.

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