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Phalloplasty with Linnea Avanti – Patient of the Week(25)

Case of the Week (25, 2021)

This is a caucasian thirty-eight-year-old patient, circumcised, who came to Dr. Morales at Avanti Derma™ for his first session of nonsurgical phalloplasty with PMMA (Linnea Safe™).

He chose our “Utmost Package,” which adds subcutaneous and intra-cavernosal PRP (platelet-rich plasma), one session of collagen booster IPL (intense pulsed light), scrotal and penile relaxation with Botox® (scrotox and phallotox), and glans enhancement with hyaluronic acid (Perfectha® Subskin).

He received:

  • 19cc of Linnea Safe™ (15cc x 30% and 4cc x 10%)
  • 1cc of Perfectha®
  • 200UI of Botox®.

Mid-shaft diameter in relaxation, 10cm (3.93”) baseline, 13cm (5.11”) immediately after.

Overall improvement with the first session: 3cm (1.18”)

The work plan (drawing on the left) shows the distribution of the two different concentrations of PMMA (10 and 30%).

Baseline (center) and immediately after (right) showing the immediate results. Bruising and unevenness are expected to subside during the first week after treatment.

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