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Say it PROUDLY: “I want a thicker dong”… show that bag!

June is already here, and it brings with it more than just summer vibes. This month is the host of one of the most festive holidays after Christmas; that is correct, fellas, we are talking about PRIDE.

#PRIDEmonth is a commemoration of those who fought bravely for a community longing for freedom, the freedom of being able to express themselves as they were, as they are.

Some of you may not agree with the queer community. However, we must put all of our differences apart and learn from one another. These courageous people can teach you a thing or two about sexuality and body acceptance.

Before moving forward with this post, here is a little disclaimer: For the nature of this blog and the services we are promoting here, we are going to focus on the gay cis-man that form part of this incredible community, so please, if you are reading this and you are queer; do not feel left out, just have a laugh with us.

It is no secret that gay cis-man, or most of them, are commonly known for their sex drive and confidence to express this sexuality. And it is in this confidence, we found a different answer to the very personal question we ask our straight patients: So why are you getting a penile enhancement for?

– Oh! Well, because I wanna show a more prominent bulge in my speedos/shorts/grey sweatpants. And we believe this is the most honest answer we were ever given.

Most straight guys excuse wanting a meatier dick because their partner’s vulva is wider after delivering babies. Gentleman, please leave the ladies out of this and be as brave as the gays; simply be honest with yourselves.

It is OK for you guys to desire a bigger penis. I mean, who wouldn’t like to have an improved version of their favorite toy?

The fact that you want to have a thicker dick doesn’t mean that you are less of a man or have a tiny penis and if you do so… what?

We live in a new era that’s pushing (and I’m happy for that) body positivism. So if you don’t like something about your body (in this case, your penis), you should be able to do something about it and not feel ashamed of it; no matter gay, straight, or bisexual, or any of the letters of this continuously growing community. Embrace your decision and love yourself and the changes you are making to achieve a happier you.

“This world would be a whole lot better if we just made an effort to be less horrible to one another” – (Ellen Page).

Happy pride, peeps.

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