Would You Like A Larger, Thicker, More Prominent Scrotal “Bulge”*? We Have The Solution For You.

Avanti Derma offers permanent scrotal enhancement for men who would like to enjoy a larger, fuller, more prominent scrotum with our Scrotal Enlargement Procedure.

Scrotal Enhancement in Tijuana

How it works the Scrotal Enhancement procedure?

In our culture, a large, full scrotum is a sign of virility and strength. It’s no wonder so many men feel insecure about the size of their scrotum, and desire a big full “package”.

Until now, the options for safe scrotal enhancement were very limited. Many “implant” procedures leave an unnaturally hard feeling in the scrotum, which can easily be detected by touch. Obviously, anyone getting such an enhancement would desire it to look and feel natural.

Avanti Dermas’ Scrotal Enhancement Procedure is a true breakthrough, in that it provides a fuller, larger scrotum, yet provides a natural softened texture that feels natural. The result is an undetectable, safe, and permanent procedure for enlarging the scrotum.

If you are looking for an upgrade for your “bulge”, this will definitely provide the results you are looking for. Many PMMA clients who have had 2, 3, or even 4 rounds report that no amount of PMMA affected their bulge like the Scrotal Enhancement did.

Dr. Casavantes will take a small portion (generally 50cc’s) of silicone and inject into the scrotum. The procedure takes less than an hour, and accomplishes roughly a 50% increase in size that is permanent. Proprietary measures are taken to ensure migration is prevented, and safety is paramount. The result is a larger, more prominent scrotum that commands attention, respect, and intrigue and feels natural, soft, and undetectable.

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