Treat erectile dysfunction, the alternative ways

Erectile Dysfunction in Young Man

The pharmaceutical industry has been investing huge amounts of money in order for you to don’t suffer Erectile Dysfunction. However, you do know about the cost of this meds and how much can affect your wallet.

Erectile dysfunction can be triggered by several factors that can be related to health and/or psychologic issues. So don’t feel like a failure as men just because you can’t keep it up, is normal and it can be treated so you can happily copulate like the wild lion you think you are.

Have you ever had this panic attack when you are about to enter into action and then you look down at Lil’ John, kinda flaccid, he knows he has to do its job but the lazy ass MF just won’t cooperate.

You might find this post a little mind-blowing, but you are not alone in this fight. Most of the male population has experienced or will experience Erectile Dysfunction at least once in their lifetime.

With the introduction of the Viagra and Cialis in the late nineties, most of the guys found a “great” solution to the inconvenience of their not so hard penis. I mean this miraculous pill was and still is, such a boom in this modern times.

Actually, the pharmaceutical industry and the government have been investing huge amounts of green dollars in order for you to never have to suffer from limp dick. However, you do know about the cost of this meds and how much can affect your wallet. And don’t make me start talking about the side effects; and the fact that spontaneous sex is definitely off the table.

Luckily for you, there is a lot of research and new practices that physician has been trying for a while now, so far this “experimental treatments” have been working for some fellas out there.


There is a limited research about the functionality of botox and the improvement of blood flow to treat Erectile Dysfunction triggered by physiological aspects. Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence and scientific support regarding this treatment.


Platelet Rich Plasma is a procedure know for its growth factors and how it helps to regenerate skin tissues, but also has been proved that when is injected into the penis (the cavernosum body) the results of this is better quality erection up to 18 months without you having to take any oral medication that can affect your heart.

So there has it dude, before treating your self with a magic pill; talk to your medical adviser and ask about this trends that might improve your sexual life.  And be the lion you sure are.

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