Vimax Male Enhancement Pills Review – The Truth About Vimax From A Doctor

Vimax is a popular male enhancement supplement that tries to make incredible claims and at the same time, disclaim any claims made.

So before we start reviewing Vimax, consider the following:

  • If a company tries to make claims, and disclaim claims simultaneously, the question is WHY? Generally, it’s because they do not want to claim any result, while implying amazing results.
  • If a company says they are not a “penis enlargement” magic pills… and then has penis size preference chart that shows incredible sizes and implying that the vast majority of mall readers are ill-equipped to please their woman, the question is WHY? Generally, it’s to make the reader want to purchase “penis enlargement” magic pills.

Vimax may work wonders for men with low sexual desire. It contains basic ingredients that have been used in male sexual support supplements for years, such as Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Cayenne, and Saw Palmetto.

Vimax Pills

Vimax may help with your cardiovascular endurance (likely due to the cayenne). It may make you feel more energetic.

But much of the advertising around Vimax pills is about penis enlargement… even though they say they’re not about penis enlargement.

The Truth About Penis Enlargement

The penis can be enlarged, but not through pills (magic or otherwise). At Avanti Derma, we have helped thousands of men from all over the world enjoy the benefits of a bigger, heavier, thicker penis. These results were doctor-directed, and came from the hand of one of the foremost experts in Phalloplasty and penis enlargement, Dr. Luis Casavantes.

Dr. Casavantes uses a number of different dermal fillers (depending on what kinds of results the client desired) to achieve gains of 1” – 4”.

The penis can achieve growth through other methods, such as traction and manual exercises. However, these take months or years of hard work and dedication, and many times the results achieved are minimal (less than 1”).

The fact is that there are very few safe, legitimate, ways to enlarge the penis. Even so, the penis enlargement industry is a multi-million dollar industry. Most of it is made up of pills, potions, and lotions that cannot and do not deliver any appreciable results.

Dr. Casavantes, on the other hand, has published his results in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (link), and has demonstrated the gains to be had from his world-class Penis Enlargement procedure.

The Verdict On Vimax

If you need support in the sexual desire department, sure, go get yourself a bottle of Vimax and see if anything happens. Just don’t expect your member to be growing.

If you need support in the penis enlargement department, contact Avanti Derma and get a free consultation to decide if you qualify as a candidate for a penis enlargement procedure.

Are you interested in Avanti Derma’s Penile Enhancement procedures? Send us an email to make an appointment.

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