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Meet Two of the World’s Most Proficient Male Enhancement Professionals:

Dr. Luis Casavantes & Dr. Palmira Morales

Avanti Derma’s physicians have put together decades of experience in the efficient and safe use of soft tissue fillers for facial enhancement and reconstruction, and penile girth enhancement.

As experts in penis widening, penis thickening, and other male enhancement procedures, Dr. Casavantes and Dr. Morales have documented their results in the most prestigious, peer-reviewed, Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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Penis Girth Enhancement: How does it work?

Avanti Derma’s Girth Enhancement Procedures are safe, effective and rewarding. Our minimally invasive, outpatient technique offers great results for a bigger, thicker, heavier penis.

Avanti Derma offers three basic products:

  • Temporary, absorbable gel of hyaluronic acid (Voluma™ and some other brands)
  • Long lasting, absorbable micro-spheres of calcium (Radiesse™)
  • Non-Absorbable micro-spheres of PMMA (Linnea™)

The video to the left shows how this procedure works, and how it can work for you.

  • The technique represented here is used for the micro-sphere based fillers (Linnea™ and Radiesse™).
  • Voluma™ and any other Hyaluronic Acid based products are injected with a simplified technique.

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