How to get to Avanti Derma ™

We are located at only 30-40 minutes’ driving distance from the airport of San
Diego, CA (SAN). The route goes through the San Ysidro US border entry point,
and travelers must have immigration documents in good standing.

Shuttle Service

We offer an independently operated shuttle service from San Diego Airport and vicinity to Avanti Derma™.
If you decide to opt for this service, please inform our patient coordinator.

Hotel Accommodation

We recommend the Grand Hotel Tijuana, located in the same building complex; you will never have to venture out of the building if you decide so. The GHT offers a discount to our patients, so please let them know that you are one of them at the time of your reservation.

The GHT website is:

Our patient coordinator can assist with reservations for both services.

Sugestions & Tips

For unbiased, independent opinions
about phalloplasty

Avanti Derma™ encourages patients to get well informed about the multiple surgeons, techniques and products available for phalloplasty, before making their final decision.
One source for unbiased, independent opinions from patients and doctors specializing in phalloplasty (surgical and non-surgical) is the following independent forum: