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For the comfort of our patients, we recommend two independent services that facilitate their trip

Our patient coordinator can assist with reservations for both services.

Traveling to Avanti Derma.

Patients from the US and other countries arrive at the San Diego, CA international airport, where they’re picked up by our independently operated shuttle service.

Driving time between the San Diego airport and Avanti Derma is approximately 30 minutes, although it is highly dependent on traffic and international border crossing conditions.

Typically it is not necessary to present immigration documentation when entering Mexico by car, but it is required when walking across the border and at all times upon return to the United States.

It is essential to have all the necessary immigration documents with you.

The United States’ return trip takes longer, and the American authorities require current immigration documentation to grant access to the country.

Patients that are not familiar with the San Diego / Tijuana international border are encouraged to revise their travel plans with our patient coordinator.