Male Enhancement Procedures
Nonsurgical Phalloplasty

Avanti Derma Nonsurgical Phalloplasty is an outpatient, minimally invasive procedure developed by Doctors Luis Casavantes and Palmira Morales back in 2007.

It is designed to give patients a heavier, thicker penis using injectable soft tissue fillers.
Temporary, long-lasting, or permanent results? It’s the patient’s choice!

Avanti Derma offers Ellanse® (M&S), Linnea Safe®, and Voluma® to ensure that every individual patient meets their goals and expectations.

What is Nonsurgical Phalloplasty?

Nonsurgical Phalloplasty is an outpatient medical procedure performed in the medical office under local anesthesia.
It takes less than two hours from the arrival of the patient to his release.

It is minimally invasive, involves minimum or no pain, and avoids all the inconveniences of surgical procedures such as hospitalization, general anesthesia, surgical cuts, implants, stitches, drains, long downtime, and unsightly scars.

The two main Phalloplasty Procedures

The main differences between the two main approaches to enhancing the penis are Nonsurgical vs. Surgical.

Surgical Phalloplasty

It is a group of procedures performed with silicone prosthesis implants, degradable biological membranes, free fat transfer, or dermal fat grafts that require general anesthesia, degloving of the penis, hospital time, stitches, and drains which associate with long and painful downtime. Most of these techniques are obsolete due to their prolonged downtime and high possibility of side effects such as permanent, often unsightly scars or deformities.

Non-Surgical Phalloplasty

An in-office procedure consisting of soft tissue filler injections under local anesthesia; downtime is minimal, results can be temporary or permanent, and there are no residual scars. Avanti Derma’s physicians Dr. Luis Casavantes and Dr. Palmira Morales, are amongst the world’s pioneers in nonsurgical phalloplasty that is rapidly gentrifying and displacing most of the old surgical methods.

Am I the right candidate for the Procedure?

The ideal candidate for nonsurgical phalloplasty should meet the conditions listed below. However, some prospective patients could still qualify if one or more of them are not met. See the section “Special Populations” for more information.

If any of the options do not apply to you, please contact Avanti Derma for a personal evaluation.

Special populations

Avanti Derma offers a full line of
Soft Tissue Fillers

Avanti Derma is the pioneer in non-surgical phalloplasty and the only medical practice that offers the three most prevalent soft tissue fillers.

Permanent Results

Linnea Avanti®

Polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA)
Made of microscopic spheres of PMMA, a plastic that won’t be absorbed by the body.
The micro-spheres get surrounded by the patient’s collagen, creating volume.
Permanent results. The implant is firm and stable; it doesn’t migrate.
Popular brand names: Linnea Avanti®, Linnea Safe®.

Long-term Results


Polycaprolactone (PCL)
Made of microscopic spheres of PCL, a polymer that is slowly absorbed by the body. The micro-spheres get surrounded by the patient’s collagen, creating volume. Long-term results. The implant is firm and stable; it doesn’t migrate. It is available in two varieties that offer longevity of one and two years.
Brand name: Ellansé®.

Temporary Results


Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
Made of a hydrophilic gel, that holds water and remains a soft substance in the tissues. The gel deposits get encapsulated by a thin and weak collagen membrane. Temporary results. The implant may be “soft” or “spongy” to the touch if used for phalloplasty. This line of products is widely accepted for facial procedures. It can be reversed with injections of an enzyme called hyaluronidase.
Popular brand names: Voluma®, Volux®, Belotero®, and many more.

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